If you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ page, please email

Once you register your interest, you will receive a calendar placeholder. You will also receive updates and a notification reminder regarding PI World Online, which is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, May 5th at 8:00 AM PT.

If you registered your interest, you will be able to log back in by using the email that you registered your interest with. If you are signing in for the first time, you will be prompted for your first and last name, company and email. Simply click on any of the "Watch Now" buttons on the main page to be redirected to the virtual platform. No payment will be required.

The virtual conference is completely free (labs are available at a cost). It will be open to the public. Anyone interested will be able to login and view the content at any time.

Once PI World Online goes live on Tuesday, May 5th, you can register as a new guest by providing your full name, company and email OR if you registered your interest, you can log back in by using just the email you initially used to “register your interest”.

The content has been pre-recorded and will be available on-demand for you to view at your convenience. We will, however, have a live keynote on May 5th at 8:00am PDT! Please also join us for Live Industry Q&A Sessions (May 19th, 20th and 21st), click here to view the schedule! 

PI World Online will be available until the end of July, but all videos will also be available thereafter on

We will be offering Virtual Live Classroom Training to provide the same courses found at our classroom training centers but delivered straight to your desktop. These live, instructor-led sessions will allow you to interact with the instructor and classmates while getting practical hands-on experience. A computer, webcam and a stable internet connection will be needed to start learning. Click here to learn more.

These are available now! Pricing is consistent with our existing instructor led courses (traditional classroom or onsite), including the use of EA vouchers. Pricing for these will continue at $259 per course.

*Please note that the virtual classroom training will NOT be available through PI World Online but through the “click here to learn more” link above*

There are no special requirements to access PI World Online, but we would recommend you update your web browsers to the latest version. We will be utilizing the ON24 webinar platform (please check browser specs here).
All the great content you expect from PI World San Francisco (keynotes, product talks, industry talks, etc.) will be offered via the virtual platform. We have over 80 presentations recorded! View the content library by clicking here.

No, we are not hosting any in-person components of the conference. Our content and experiences will be offered entirely virtually.

We are currently not accepting sponsorships for the online event. If you are interested in sponsoring our live events moving forward, please contact

Yes, you will be able to add subtitles while viewing the talks. The subtitles will also be available in the following languages: 










You can find talks by keywords of the presentation or company name through the “Search Content” box towards the upper right-hand corner of the page. *Make sure you are searching “All Videos” to pull from the entire menu*

Yes. On the upper left-hand corner of the page you will see a three-line icon or “hamburger menu”. Click it to view all industry and/or track categories.  

Near the “Search Content” box on the right of the page, you will find a “Filters” box. Click the “Filters” box to then find two dropdown menus where you will be able to search by both “Products” and “Solutions”.

Yes. Once you enter a webcast you will find a Q&A widget where you will be able to ask questions regarding that video. The questions will then be pushed to PI Square for a continued conversation with the OSIsoft community!

Please find live talks and timings below:

8:00am PDT- PI World Online- Keynote

9:30am PDT- Q&A “Ask the PI System Experts”- PI Vision Session

11:00am PDT- Q&A “Ask the PI System Experts”- PI Asset Framework (AF) Best Practices Session

*All the three live talks will be available to view on-demand once they have concluded*

Yes, you will have those options through the Media Player on the left hand side of the full screen. On some particular talks, the speakers/ presenters decided not to be on webcam, so the Media Player is blacked out, but you are still able to control the audio/ slides through the Media Player. Please find the orange line in the media player by clicking or hovering over that panel.