In 2016, the City of Salem decided to take the next step in terms of how they would approach operational technology and data management. Starting from a clean slate, they selected the PI System for both the water and the wastewater departments, with the goal of enhancing operational visibility and control.  Partnering with Casne Engineering, the City of Salem built out its PI AF structure and templates allowing dynamic data displays and integrating data from numerous data sources.  The system was put to a test during a cyanotoxin scare in 2018. The City of Salem further ramped up data resources, and in collaboration with outside experts, integrated advanced data algorithms to predict water quality. The updated system included data from satellite images and pontoon-based water quality monitoring. Data subscriptions were integrated from public agencies including NOAA and the USGS, with the ultimate solution including data from laboratory analysis and the SCADA system. The overall result is a model for lake ecology that integrates information from the natural and built environments to drive better awareness and control over water quality.  The integrated system helps them proactively plan and stay ahead of potential water quality issues.