This list provides a snapshot of the conference content during the week. Live content offerings may vary depending on time zone, but all content (regardless of time zone) will be available on-demand post-event to registered attendees.

Live APAC hours
Singapore Time (SGT)

Tuesday, Oct. 19 | 10:30-14:05 SGT

Wednesday, Oct. 20 | 10:30-15:30 SGT

Thursday, Oct. 21 | 10:30-14:05 SGT

Live EMEA hours
Central European Time (CET)

Tuesday, Oct. 19 | 9:00-12:35 CET

Wednesday, Oct. 20 | 9:00-15:00 CET

Thursday, Oct. 21 | 9:00-12:35 CET

Live Americas hours
Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Tuesday, Oct. 19 | 8:00-11:35 PDT

Wednesday, Oct. 20 | 8:00-13:35 PDT

Thursday, Oct. 21 | 8:00-11:35 PDT

Track Name Speakers
BreakSponsored Coffee Break
CloudAVEVA's cloud vision and strategy
CloudDiscover how AVEVA's industrial SaaS solutions accelerate transformational outcomes
CloudEnabling the edge convergence of IoT and OT in a managed landscape
CloudTransform your operations: enabling new opportunities for collaborative transformation
Day 1 - KeynotesExecutive Welcome
Day 1 - KeynotesRoadmap Update
Day 1 - KeynotesThe Future of Digital Engineering – with Schlumberger and AVEVA, hosted by Mike Walsh
Day 1 - KeynotesDigital Driving Net Zero Panel
Day 1 - KeynotesIncrease Speed to Value Through Engineering and Real-time Data - Accenture
EngineeringEngineering Portfolio Overview
EngineeringAVEVA Simulation and Learning
EngineeringAVEVA Engineering & Design
EngineeringAVEVA Project Execution & Engineering Information Management
Intro to AVEVA & PI SystemThe modern PI System: seamless integration from edge to cloud
Intro to AVEVA & PI SystemTurning operations data into intelligence
Intro to AVEVA & PI SystemEmpower Your Connected Workforce with a Comprehensive Digital Twin
Intro to AVEVA & PI SystemExtend the power of your PI System with AVEVA Artificial Intelligence
OperationsYour Roadmap to Operational Excellence
OperationsEmpower your operations teams to maximize efficiency, productivity, collaboration and quality
OperationsIncrease asset reliability and safety with world class asset performance
OperationsEnable enterprise agility, sustainability and collaboration across operations with Value Chain Optimization
PI System & OCSPI System & OCS Roadmap
PI System & OCSPervasive Data Collection
PI System & OCSPI Server, PI Vision and PI Integrator for Business Analytics
PI System & OCSOCS: OSIsoft Cloud Services
Sponsor ShowcaseKeep your smart factory simple
Sponsor ShowcaseIndustrial Sustainability is Good Business
Sponsor ShowcaseThe Evolution of EAM and Asset Performance Management
Sponsor ShowcaseDriving Value in a Dynamic World
Sponsor ShowcaseSwiss army knife for connecting to OSI Edge and OSI Core
Track Name Speakers
BreakSponsored Coffee Break with Heather Johnson
BreakSponsored Coffee Break with Latte Art
Capital ProjectsStreamlined Engineering Drives Efficient, Sustainable Water Projects at Veolia Water Technologies
Capital ProjectsThe Burns & McDonnell Project Data Portal: Leveraging Asset Information Management
Capital ProjectsEngineering the Sustainable Plant of the Future
Capital ProjectsA Seamless Transition: Delivering digital Solutions throughout the life of the project and assets
Capital Projects8D Digital Twin: Redefining Digital Twin to drive engineering efficiency & predictive operations
Capital ProjectsUnlocking solutions to the world's most critical challenges
Capital ProjectsStreamlined Engineering Drives Efficient, Sustainable Water Projects at Veolia Water Technologies
Capital ProjectsThe Burns & McDonnell Project Data Portal: Leveraging Asset Information Management
Capital ProjectsDriving Sustainability in the Maritime Industry
ChemicalsEastman's digital transformation: from engineering to operations & maintenance
ChemicalsAsset development, management and analytics using PI Asset Framework at Lyondellbasell
ChemicalsChemicals industry track introduction
ChemicalsScaling AI (Albemarle Intelligence) with PI Asset Framework, SPC, and machine learning
ChemicalsOnline simulation: Why Covestro is ready for the next leap
ChemicalsOverall process effectiveness (OPE) analytics for better performance intelligence at Ecolab
ChemicalsLeveraging data to drive continuous improvement and optimize polystyrene production at AmSty
ChemicalsUsing Event Frames to Drive Next Generation Process Management
ChemicalsBest practices on standardizing PI System data and empowering plant workers to boost OEE at Bayer
ChemicalsEfficiency Monitoring System from local to global with Air Liquide
Food & Beverage and Life SciencesMaking agricultural data fair and FAIR
Food & Beverage and Life SciencesThe tableting process behind the pill
Food & Beverage and Life SciencesFood & Beverage and Life Sciences track introduction
Food & Beverage and Life SciencesEnterprise Wide PI System
Food & Beverage and Life SciencesPI Integration and a Modern Clinical Trial Solution
Food & Beverage and Life SciencesDigitalizing the food industry with the PI System
Food & Beverage and Life SciencesPI System: Secret Ingredient in Tereos Digital Transformation Journey
Food & Beverage and Life SciencesMonitoring a PI System with PI
Food & Beverage and Life SciencesEnabling multi-site standardization with model driven MES at ViskoTeepak
Food & Beverage and Life SciencesEmpowering the plant floor worker: Customer success roundup in the CPG industry
Food & Beverage and Life SciencesMES Success Stories in Food Beverage & Life Sciences
Food & Beverage and Life SciencesValidated PI System Data Infrastructure
Infrastructure, Water, TransportationEyes on hands off, how the AVEVA PI platform fits the needs of real-time asset monitoring for ProRail and its partners
Infrastructure, Water, TransportationInfrastructure, Water, Transportation track introduction
Infrastructure, Water, TransportationLeak Detection Models: Using PI Data to fight Non-Revenue Water
Infrastructure, Water, TransportationConnecting Platforms to Map Field Work
Infrastructure, Water, TransportationDriving long-term competitive advantage at North American Construction Group (NACG)
Infrastructure, Water, Transportation5G Smart Campus Facens - An award case using PI System for Smart Cities
Infrastructure, Water, TransportationIntegrating building science with data science at AUROS Group
Infrastructure, Water, TransportationDecentralized Industrial Analytics using OSIsoft suite of products
Infrastructure, Water, TransportationCentralized data infrastructure for management of PayPal data center operations
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & PaperConnected machines for refractory applications
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & PaperSecil: Using the PI System to improve performance management
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & PaperProduction scheduling in metals refinery with the PI System integrated with SCADA
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & PaperGlatfelter's digital transformation journey to AI/ML-driven operations
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & PaperManufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & Paper track introduction
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & PaperMining responsibly & sustainably: BHP's environmental monitoring solution using PI System & GIS
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & PaperScaling the digital journey
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & PaperTracking downtime and slowbacks: the old, the new and the not ugly
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & PaperDigital transformation in cement manufacturing: OYAK Cement 4.0
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & PaperRemote monitoring and Data Analytics using the PI System at HZL
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & PaperCloud process analytics system
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & PaperMerian production reporting
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & PaperFrom data to action: Leveraging data to support the nickel value chain
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & PaperIncreasing the speed of moving data to insight with an existing toolbox
MarineBuilding a Digital Future Across the Marine Ecosystem
MarineThe TS Queen Mary Story - Restoring a British Icon
MarineAVEVA and ABS My Digital Fleet: expanding IIoT capabilities and smart operations
MarineThe journey to sustainable and smart port operations
MarineBuilding towards a sustainable state-of-the-art grain operation at TEMCO
MarineThe future of marine digitization lies at the edge
MarineBuilding an Intelligent and Resilient Data Ecosystem in Marine operations.
NetworkingVirtual Rockin' Reception
NetworkingPI Geek Trivia Reception
Oil & GasOil & Gas track introduction
Oil & GasGasmed: Natural gas measurement intelligence at YPF
Oil & GasOSIsoft PI Cloud Solution Data Sharing
Oil & GasRotating Equipment Monitoring at Spirit Energy
Oil & GasSimplifying the Well Test process with PI Asset Framework
Oil & GasProactive instrument maintenance with OSIsoft products
Oil & GasAugmented Intelligence for Pipelines
Oil & GasLife After ProcessBook: Best Practices and Lessons Learned in Migrating to PI Vision and PI AF
Power GenerationThree pillars to structure PI data acquisition and ensure quality on a large scale at ENEL
Power GenerationPower Generation track introduction
Power GenerationContinuous Online Monitoring at Duke Energy Nuclear
Power GenerationRevenue Based Operational Intelligence - A Practical Guide
Power GenerationThe digital transformation of Jirau Hydropower plant operation through PI System deployment
Power GenerationGT Monitoring at Pampia Energia: Modeling Efficiency and Using Regressions to Predict Performance
Power GenerationPI System for Renewables - Business Intelligence, Remote Monitoring and OT Health
Power GenerationBuilding an event-based assessment system: AGL’s frequency response verification tool
Power GenerationThe Enterprise PI Journey and Power System Data Centralization at SRP
Transmission & DistributionTransmission & Distribution track introduction
Transmission & DistributionOperating and Optimizing Renewable Power and Distributed Energy Resources
Transmission & DistributionSDG&E’s Data-driven community-based approach to attain grid reliability and sustainability
Transmission & DistributionPI System DGA - PI Vision Custom Symbols at Tenaga Nasional Berhad
Transmission & DistributionScientific tools for advanced synchrophasor data analytics with the PI System at PNNL
Transmission & DistributionDistribution Grid Analytics with OSIsoft PI and PowerRunner to support exception based analytics
Transmission & DistributionHow Ameren is transforming to enable the evolving Grid of the Future
Transmission & DistributionPI Community Agreement
Track Name Speakers
AVEVA/PI System ProductsPI Vision Deeper Dive
AVEVA/PI System ProductsDeep-dive: Cloud, Industrial SaaS and AVEVA Connect
AVEVA/PI System ProductsAVEVA Flex: Eliminate traditional barriers to adoption with technical and commercial flexibility
AVEVA/PI System ProductsOCS Communities - Securely Sharing Data with Trusted External Business Partners
AVEVA Technical - Engineering 1Engineering, design and laser dataset integration with AVEVA Engineering, AVEVA E3D Design
AVEVA Technical - Engineering 1Using AWP efficiently with AVEVA ERM integrated to AVEVA E3D Design
AVEVA Technical - Engineering 2Sustainable Process Design using AVEVA Process Simulation
AVEVA Technical - Engineering 2Distillation Column Convergence in AVEVA PRO/II Simulation
AVEVA Technical - Operations 160 tips in 60 mins for AVEVA Enterprise Licensing
AVEVA Technical - Operations 1AVEVA Software Best Practices for Upgrading
AVEVA Technical - Operations 2AVEVA Edge : From Asset Location to the Open Source
AVEVA Technical - Operations 2AVEVA Communication Drivers Pack Optimization and Troubleshooting Tips
AVEVA Technical - PerformanceAVEVA Work Tasks Know-How
AVEVA Technical - PerformanceConfiguring AVEVA Insight to monitor asset performance and production processes
Day 3 - KeynotesClosing Keynote
PI System Tech Track 1Remote operations monitoring in OCS
PI System Tech Track 1OCS Data Science Enablement
PI System Tech Track 2Visualizing PI Server Data
PI System Tech Track 2Bring Context and Analytics to PI Server Data