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Digital transformation in cement manufacturing: OYAK Cement 4.0
OYAK Cement 4.0 Project had started in 2017 as a pilot project in a single cement plant. The first aim was to collect all the valuable technical data in a data lake which includes digital, analog signals from SCADA system and PLC units; additional auxiliary software; quality data and other operational manual data. Then statistical predictive control applications had been applied to detect anomalies on process, preventive maintenance and predictive quality control. In 2019, the scope of project was enlarged and several alternatives were analyzed to establish a strong, reliable and flexible structure. After all investigations, due to its unique features and universal adaptability, the PI System was selected as the main platform. Although there weren't any similar references available in Turkey; all the installations, adaptations and original visualization design of Turkey's largest cement producer: OYAK Cement (seven integrated and three grinding plants) have been completed in only 100 days.