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Mining responsibly & sustainably: BHP's environmental monitoring solution using PI System & GIS
BHP must demonstrate environmental responsibility by minimizing impacts and contributing to an enduring environmental legacy throughout every stage of its operations. This involves taking a wide range of measurements, identifying trends over time, and raising events if defined tolerances are exceeded.

BHP has used Asset Framework (AF), PI Integrations and developer tools to:
• Standardize the storage for environmental data from 35 BHP operational sites across Australia:
- Measurements from 300 devices are loaded via UFL (dust and weather stations, dam loggers, river flow meters, etc.)
- Data from four laboratories (over 11,000 sample points) is loaded via web API
- Data load forms capture inputs for greenhouse gas and water use reporting
• Implement standard AF templates defining data structures, calculations and event rules
• Enable data to viewed and analyzed:
- Geospatially using the PI Integrator For ESRI/ArcGIS
- Graphically using the PI Integrator for SQL and Spotfire - Trended over time