Open the "black box" - reveal steam-cracking feedstock details with PKN ORLEN
Monitoring of naphtha quality for Steam Cracking Units (especially in Petrochemical Complexes) might be very important aspect for solving day to day process upsets and may improve cracker availability. The “Olefin Plants” itself are really complex units and required huge experience and attention, thus providing reliable and accessible information about feedstock components and their quality in time might bring an added value for personnel engaged in process monitoring.

The presentation is about non-capex project realized fully by internal PKN ORLEN resources in just about 16 weeks. Three layers of data sources from applications dedicated for different purposes have been combined by deploying Asset Framework and PI Vision into set of dashboards which allows to precisely monitor the quality and quantity of naphtha routed to a particular cracker in specified time. Ideal mixing model for blending tanks were applied to estimate percentage of common fractions from upstream refinery units.
Jakub Fudyma - PKN ORLEN S.A.
Krzysztof Czupryński - PKN ORLEN S.A
Konrad Bołoz - PKN ORLEN S.A