Scientific tools for advanced synchrophasor data analytics with the PI System at PNNL
Transmission & Distribution
After electric utilities use synchrophasor measurements for real-time monitoring they are archived in databases such as the PI System. The full potential of these years-long archives is yet to be realized due to obstacles such as bad data, inflexible analysis tools, and the sheer volume of data. The US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is partnering with software developer Grid Protection Alliance (GPA) and OSIsoft to address these challenges. Technology developed at PNNL is being deployed by GPA in commercial-grade open-source software that will increase the value of synchronized measurement archives by enabling utilities to rapidly read, analyze, and review data. Out of the box the software will integrate with the PI System to detect grid disturbances to support power plant model validation, frequency response analysis, oscillation source localization, and more. The beta version is due April 2022, with a full release scheduled for January 2023.
Jim Follum - PNNL
Christoph Lackner - Grid Protection Alliance