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Life After ProcessBook: Best Practices and Lessons Learned in Migrating to PI Vision and PI AF
With PI ProcessBook approaching its end-of-life, Phillips 66 was faced with several thousand visualizations nearing obsolescence. Using a combination of the Display Migration Utility and RoviSys’ Vision Accelerator Solution, Phillips 66 enacted a plan to rationalize useful displays, convert compatible PI ProcessBook displays to PI Vision, and create native PI Vision displays from DCS graphics. The process ensured years of value-added development was retained within PI Vision, while supporting the continued evolution from a PI Tag based ecosystem to an asset-centric operational data infrastructure in Asset Framework. Leveraging programmatic migration tools greatly reduced the time, effort, and cost versus a manual migration approach.

Discover the details of the process that made such a significant display migration manageable, what challenges the team faced along the way, and best practice recommendations for others who have yet to migrate to PI Vision.