Online simulation: Why Covestro is ready for the next leap
Online Simulation builds on physically-sound first principal models. Compared to conventional simulation approaches, in Online Simulation the models are executed live, that is simultaneous to production. This presentation gives insight on Online Simulation at Covestro. For several case studies, value for troubleshooting, KPIs and optimization is discussed. While Covestro has been operating Online Simulation for about twenty years, still persisting challenges are highlighted which lead to two specific opportunities imminently ahead: (1) AVEVA Process Simulation (APS) is investigated as an alternative tool for simulation offering various advantages of a modern simulation software. (2) The newest PI-Asset Framework (PI-AF) can allow for deeper integration with plant operation. In conclusion, new tools such as APS and PI-AF can help to overcome persistent challenges to take the next leap of Online Simulation towards deeper integration with plant operation and monitoring of KPIs.
Christian Redepenning - Covestro Deutschland AG