SECIL: Using PI System to improve performance management
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & Paper
The main challenges the Cement Industry is now facing are related to CO2 emissions quota reduction and its increasing price, and a roadmap should be defined and implemented in order to keep competitiveness with non european competitors.
This industry has made a good progress in the past three decades by reducing its emissions by 15% since 1990, through the implementation of some mitigation measures (already largely exploited), such as energy efficiency and fossil fuel substitution.
This presentation intends to give some insigths how Secil takes advantage on the usage of PI tools to gather all pertinent data generated on its cement plants, store and transform it into valuable information to reduce costs and increase performance.
A long term data historization solution with different systems data Integration capability and Integrated visualization tools was a key milestone on our digital transformation journey, somehow as a support on all the ongoing and future roadmap initiatives.
Rui Simões - Secil, S.A.
Marco Moiron - Secil, S.A.