Simplifying the Well Test process with PI Asset Framework
Oil & Gas
Well tests are performed by gathering data to discover the potential of a particular well and are considered critical for daily operations, production planning and regulatory reporting. Well tests are also used to determine monthly production in which royalties to partners are paid. Hence, it is vital to ensure that data is archived, analyzed and interpreted accurately for better decision-making processes. With the use of the Asset Framework ExxonMobil Global PI System Support team was able to deliver accurate and reliable well test data to the business by replacing an outdated VB-based application which was showing inconsistent results. Heritage programming technology was also difficult to decode for any troubleshooting activities by the engineers. The ExxonMobil Global PI Support team collaborates closely with the site engineers to deliver a sustainable solution with a more efficient and accurate analytics tool.
Azim Muzamli - ExxonMobil
Stevan Nguyen - ExxonMobil
Muhammad Zhaffan Mat Radzi - ExxonMobil