Making agricultural data fair and FAIR
Food & Beverage and Life Sciences
Agriculture in Australia, and globally, is undergoing a significant transformation to become more digital and data oriented, but there are key challenges and barriers to adoption.
AxisTech are utilising OSIsoft Cloud Services’ data management framework and online data communities to facilitate this important digitisation step change on a mission to make agricultural data fair and FAIR.
Fair in terms of empowering farmers and other agribusinesses to have ownership, possession and control over their data.
FAIR in terms of making that data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.
AxisTech’s founder and managing director, Wes Lawrence, will talk about overcoming challenges and barriers to adoption, and why data that is fair and FAIR is critical in the digitisation of agribusiness and the food and beverage value chain and readying it for the transformations to come.
Wes Lawrence - AxisTech