Oil & Gas
OSIsoft PI Cloud Solution Data Sharing
As a part of Noble’s West Africa EG (Equatorial Guinea) Alen Field Gas Monetization project, a formal plan for shared information between the Noble Alen Field and the Marathon Alba Gas plant needed to be established that both companies could rely upon and meet both companies’ security measures.
The Operating personnel from both groups agreed that sharing operating information would provide the safest and operationally beneficial arrangements. The information needed to be timely, close to if not real time and provided in a form that can be used as an input into each other’s monitoring systems. There needed to be a list of data points / tags that would be shared between the two companies to monitor pipeline shutdowns, pressures, temperatures, flowrates, nominations, notes and similar information. These inputs would not directly cause any actions on Alen or at Alba but will provide notifications to operations that actions should be considered.