Glatfelter's Digital Transformation Journey to AI/ML-driven Operations
Manufacturing; Mining & Metals; Pulp & Paper
The age of AI implementation has arrived in many industrial sectors. Most are realizing the importance of engineering clean real-time data pipelines and build operational safeguards around AI models’ responses to avoid unintended actions. Glatfelter’s story of their digital transformation journey towards AI-Operations (AI-Ops) will help any manufacturing companies understand the pitfalls to avoid and best practices to apply. From PI Core, to data transformation, cloud-based architecture implementation within Azure ML and back to the manufacturing plant, to human change management, Glatfelter’s presentation is a must for anyone getting started, dabbling in machine learning, or stumbling in scaling up their AI-Ops. We will present practical industrial realities to consider and lessons learned from Glatfelter’s journey to AI-Ops. Maya HTT (Glatfelter’s PI integrator & AI-Ops service provider) will present AI-Ops ROI examples which can help all Aveva PI Core, PI Edge, PI Cloud clients.
Remi Duquette - Maya HTT Ltd
Rodney Ruddick - Glatfelter