Day 1 - Keynotes
Increase Speed to Value Through Engineering and Real-time Data - Accenture

More companies are looking to leverage the combination of engineering data and real-time operations data for a more sustainable future. However, too many companies try to rely on “just build it and the added value will come” when trying to achieve this engineering and real-time data integration. To a large extent, a company’s engineering data has historically been used as static reference to provide context for the real-time operational data. This has required manual alignment of the “meta data” (reference data about data) to keep everything in synch. Moving forward, if we were to start to combine the engineering and real-time data in a common set of platforms with automatic alignment, this would be more flexible and faster to react to changes, thus increasing “speed to value.” We recognise the importance of establishing “context” and a “trusted foundation” for exploiting real-time data by aligning the “meta data.” However, we’ve previously not focused on how to dynamically achieve this alignment to establish a changing context along a digital thread. This is the next stage to driving value – exploiting the ability to combine and align between engineering and real-time data along different dimensions within a changing environment.


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