The Future of Marine Digitization Lies at the edge
Driven by new market dynamics and stricter environmental regulation the maritime / shipping ecosystem are being forced to utilize digitization to be able to remain competitive in this environment.

Digital platform plan an important role in this transition and this shift is in full swing. These efforts are, for now, focused on single-point solution and are slowly starting to speak a common language / integrate. However, for the next paradigm, a collaboration is needed between large platform builders, partners, and software development which will allow to build initial capabilities and add to them over time as business needs and technology change. Inherently ships have been changing, upgraded, and re-equipped of their life spans and the digital ship needs to be able to follow these changes.

This presentation addresses the current capabilities of the entire Aveva Ecosystem applicable to the maritime markets.
Martijn Handels - Helin Data
Joost Lasschuit - Helin Data