The TS Queen Mary Story - Restoring a British Icon
Built on the Clyde in 1933, TS Queen Mary served Glasgow and the west of Scotland for more than 40 years. In service, some of the most famous people in the world were passengers, including King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and Eleanor Roosevelt.

After her retirement in 1977, TS Queen Mary became a static restaurant on the River Thames. Rescued by the Charity, Friends of the TS Queen Mary, the vessel returned to the Clyde in 2016, with the aim of preserving and restoring her as a heritage destination and education centre.

With almost no surviving documentation and many undocumented modifications, the project team began the process of reverse engineering the vessel structure from internal and external laser scans.

Using AVEVA’s 3D engineering, design and shipbuilding software, a full 3D model of the ship's structure has been constructed. By accurately modelling the structure from the scan data and linking the model to construction drawings, production information for steel renewals can be efficiently produced. The Aveva 3D model will form a vital tool in the conservation and preservation of TS Queen Mary for future generations.