Power Generation
Three pillars to structure PI data acquisition and ensure quality on a large scale at ENEL
Enel chose to manage the data acquisition for all the generation plants using OSISoft PI. Millions of variables must be acquired, managed and exposed to users and applications in a structured fashion.
Enel chose to leverage on three pillars to accomplish the goal:
- Power Plant PI Ready by design: new plants must be prepared with a dedicated server able to acquire data and configuration from the main SCADA system.
The aim is to build plug and play power plants: be able to use the data immediately for all the processes.
- Data catalog: we developed an application to know which are the tag related to each power plants and which is the reference pi server.
The search criteria will be immediately available and the user will be able to extract more value from the data.
- Data availability reports: To use the data it's necessary that they have a very good quality and realibility.
Once the data belonging to a plant are consolidated, their availability must be checked automatically.