Technical Library
InTouch Scripting Introduction Rev B

120-minute eLearning course covering the fundamentals of using the built-in scripting language of InTouch, called QuickScript. Included is a discussion of:

  • selecting the best script type for the job,
  • how to use the InTouch Script Editor,
  • how to write scripts using built-in library functions and keywords,
  • and how to leverage working examples from the InTouch script help documentation to reduce script development time.

This course will show how to write InTouch scripts properly, using the QuickScript language conventions and syntax. Scripting examples will be used to illustrate concepts, such as string concatenation, local variables, data type conversions, triggers, branching, and looping. Additional considerations, including how to document and troubleshoot scripts, will also be examined.    


  • Manufacturing industry experience
  • Basic scripting experience