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From data to action: Leveraging data to support the nickel value chain
To increase production and meet the challenges posed by the variability of different mining processes, the Société Le Nickel (SLN), a subsidiary of Eramet Group, decided to set up an integrated operations management centre (CUPIDOM).
The considerable variety and number of both geographical and technical operational data sources pointed to significant challenges. Implementing a PI system for the real-time monitoring and analysis of the company’s entire value chain—from mine to port—has been a winning solution, particularly for reporting near real-time alerts. SLN has used the PI system’s multiple modules not only to recover all the data, but also to run certain downstream decision support systems in a standardized manner.
The SLN team partnered with a strong integrator recognized not only for its good practices in operating a PI system, but especially for internal skills development coaching. The team has been steadily developing the integrated operations management centre’s systems.