Fernando Martins de Mello
Job Title
Project Manager
Speaker Bio
Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering completed in 2018, in the area of ​​Simulation and Control of Chemical Processes. He is currently a project manager and experienced process specialist with a track record of projects and working in the sectors of industry 4.0, energy generation/cogeneration from biomass, sugar production, biofuels and sugarcane co-products.

Solid knowledge in:
- simulation of industrial processes;
- real-time optimization of industrial processes; - advanced process control;
- energy integration of processes;
- introduction of new processes and technologies in existing industrial plants;
- chemical thermodynamics and applied to thermal cycles of steam, gas, combined and hybrid cycles;
- simple Rankine thermal cycles, with regeneration and reheating;
- dimensioning of various industrial equipment and systems and steam, gas, liquid and solid distribution networks;
Fernando Martins de Mello