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President & CEO
Beth Eckenrode
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Bridging the Gap Development, LLC (“BTG”), founded in 2006, is a diversified real estate development firm based in Pittsburgh, PA. Derrick L. Tillman, President and CEO of BTG, leads the company’s mission to rebuild healthy, sustainable communities through residential & commercial development by “bridging the real estate and opportunity gaps” in a community. To achieve this goal, BTG sets high performance goals for their breadth of projects representing multifamily affordable housing, mixed-income and market rate rental and homeownership properties as well as commercial real estate. With a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Science from University of Pittsburgh, Tillman uses technology to reach zero-energy-ready and healthy indoor air quality goals without paying a premium in construction costs to ensure building occupants, especially the most vulnerable, have access to a healthy and affordable home or work environment.
Derrick Tillman