Job Title
Power, Controls and Information Systems Manager
Kellogg's Manufacturing Valls
Speaker Bio
Power, Controls and Information Systems Manager at Kellogg Manufacturing Valls

Information Technology Engineer, Digital Transformer and IT-OT Systems Integrator and Industry 4.0 International Speaker.

I really love my job, to integrate Information Technologies (IT) and Operation Technologies (OT), I am passionate about people, youth empowering and help other people to pursuit their dreams, making their lives easier, that's one of the most rewarding thing.

Currently, I am responsible for ensuring that Kellogg Manufacturing Valls, (Spain), adopts the right Industry 4.0 technologies to achieve the business goals in safety, food safety, delivery, cost and continuous improvement, keeping our Operations Technologies reliable and cost effective. Acting as digital transformer and leading change to align with the strategic objectives of the company, identifying opportunities that generate competitive advantages through processes automation in Manufacturing and Supply Chain.
Emilio Angles