Smarty Mathew John
Job Title
Vice President, Digital Solutions
Speaker Bio
Smarty Mathew John is Vice President of Digital Solutions for ABS. He is responsible for the sales, development and delivery of innovative digital products that support client business goals, as well as enhance ABS class services through safer, more informed, and data-driven approaches.

Previously, Mathew John served as Vice President of Digital Operations, where he led product development and implementation teams for client delivery of insights-based services to improve business and operational decision-making. Prior to that, he held a series of leadership positions at ABS in the areas of Digital Transformation; Industrial Systems, Subsea & Risk; and Advanced Technology and Research.

Mathew John graduated from the Amrita School of Engineering, with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Subsea Engineering from the University of Houston, and he received a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University.
Smarty Mathew John