Marius Blom
Job Title
CEO & Managing Partner
BLOM Maritime AS
Speaker Bio
Marius Blom, (born May 31ˢᵗ 1964), currently CEO & Managing Partner in BLOM Maritime AS, based
in Oslo (HQ), Norway with offices in Miami, Pula, Krakow, Singapore and Goa. With partners, he
established BLOM Maritime AS summer of 2014 to introduce applied 3D technology for the maritime
industry. He has been in working the Oil & Gas Industry since 1990 holding various positions in
companies like Apply Capnor AS, Blom ASA (Norway), Almisehal Blom Company Ltd (Saudi Arabia), Blom
Dantarsa Company (Indonesia) and Blom Info AB, (Sweden) – all related to either surveying, mapping,
3D Technologies and 3D Laser Scanning.

He holds a B.Eng (Hon) and a Diploma MBA from the UK during 1983-1989.

Marius Blom has been a promoter of 3D laser Scanning and its implementation to the Civil and
Industrial business segments since the technology became commercial. Focus areas have been to
visualize and combine 3D laser Scanning with data and applications from other sources, driving the
awareness and benefits this can provide with an intention to transfer the benefits from the results
of applied 3D technology to a relatively virgin maritime market creating cost efficient solutions
to a demanding market.

“Smarter engineering for Sustainable solutions” is a key phrase that is often heard around Mr. Blom
and his vision of visualizing and presenting applied 3D data and technology into the maritime
industry both on- and offshore has been a key focus area since 2010.
Marius Blom