Gold Sponsor

IBM works with the world’s most complex industries and systems, helping clients down their next chapter of transformation as they build competitive differentiation and agility fueled by data and guided by AI insights for seamless interoperability across any cloud(s), infrastructure or at the edge of their networks.

For industrial companies around the world, IBM is a trusted partner in their end-to-end digital transformation journey. Industry expertise is our key advantage as we help clients respond to their markets and operational journey while remaining customer centric to stay nimble in the face of continuous technological change for a sustainable future.

IBM pledges to support the industrial industries in five unique ways:

1. Industry 4.0 Digital Platform for Sustainable Growth: Open collaboration to co-create platforms to address industry challenges for sustainable performance.

2. World-leading Exponential Technologies & Advisory: Leading technology, innovation and systems integrator and trusted advisory partner.

3. Ecosystems & Alliances: Collaborative partnerships to optimizing the industrial value chain.

4. End-to-End Transformation: Co-creation partner, dedicated to open source, fueling innovation powered by hybrid cloud to accelerate true edge-to-enterprise scale.

5. Trust & Security: Trust, privacy and security in all our cutting-edge technologies and leading IT/ OT integration.