SCAN, unlimited potential for adding value

SCAN unites PI Data with the powerful AI&ML available technologies. Data Scientists interacts with PI Data using the familiar Notebook UI/UX paradigm; looking for patterns, cause-effect relationships and explanations for process and asset behaviors; also for developing application algorithms for predictors and early fault alerts. Algorithms can be automated, sending data back to the PI System.

Using SCAN tools, Data Scientist discoveries can be transformed into application libraries. SME´s can use the libraries from SCAN EXPLORER; a “no code” Notebook for end users.

SCAN direct interaction with PI data makes everything simple, no need for a complicated IT project, no need to move the PI data to the cloud or external data bases. SCAN openness free the user to select the best AI&ML technologies and use it from a familiar UX/UI.

SCAN covers all the actionable insights development cycle, from discovery to action; from specialized Data Scientists to SME´s and operators.