Nova Baines

Job Title
Vice President of Cloud DevOps


Speaker Bio

Nova Baines is Vice President for Cloud DevOps at AVEVA Solutions Ltd. Cloud DevOps is all about ensuring the rapid evolution and continuous availability of AVEVA’s software services as they are provisioned and operated on behalf of AVEVA’s customer base. A key part of this R&D function focuses on improving operational efficiency and AVEVA’s ability to provide these services with high security, privacy, reliability, and performance. 

Nova has been working in various software and technology roles for the past 20 years in and around Cambridge, where she lives with her 10 year old daughter. Prior to that she lived and worked in France in the same sector. 

Outside of work, Nova nurtures a lifelong passion for scuba diving. She became an instructor 13 years ago and reached a level where she can now teach instructors in training. She still teaches off and on when time permits though is less enthusiastic these days about jumping into freezing cold flooded UK quarries. She has dived all over the world, on shipwrecks and submarines, with sharks and whales, making the most of precious time that GPS, 4G and wifi cannot disrupt!