Join a group of your peers to discuss how different companies and countries are evolving business models and enabling data as an asset. Learn and understand the challenges, and how some of our customers are sharing their data across a broader group of customers, partners and suppliers to enable a holistic vision and value.

Our speakers will discuss the role of data as an asset with a focus on data ownership, data security, and the value achieved. Topics will focus on the vision for larger scale connectivity, along with a customer story of the journey taken to evolve a business model leveraging data they collect. Learn and understand the challenges from both private and public scenarios, and how some of our customers are sharing their data.

The Roundtable Discussion will Help Attendees:
• Learn and discuss how others are capturing value from data today
• Review business cases where PI System data was used as a building block for successful monetization and business models. This includes their experiences, challenges and successes for the development of business models.
• Engage in a lively discussion for a vision and strategy of the future direction around data sharing.
• Data is a Digital Asset, how are you capturing that value today?
• What are your companies near term and long-term initiatives related to the monetization of data?
• What are the challenges you are facing in the implementation of data as an asset?
(Gothia Towers, J2)