Full Name
Camilla Feurst
Job Title
Senior Risk Specialist
Speaker Bio
Camilla Feurst
Responsible for digitalization hydropower in Statkraft

Camilla Feurst has been a risk analyst in Statkraft since late 2012 with the objective to investigate economic risks in the physical assets, mostly hydropower, to optimize reinvestments. When assessing risk, predictive analytics is an essential part and as of 2017 Camilla became the main responsible for developing and implementing predictive maintenance in hydropower assets. She is now the main responsible for digitalization of hydropower at Statkraft and holds the main lead of an advanced analytics team aiming to improve predictive maintenance through applied data science in assets. Camilla has a master’s degree in Energy Systems Engineering and has during her career combined strategic analysis with hands on experience. Managed projects, primarily related to transformation but always kept a strong connection to the power plants, visiting the plants and also performing risk assessments on site.
Camilla Feurst