5G Smart Campus Facens - An award case using PI System for Smart Cities
Infrastructure, Water, Transportation
Smart Campus FACENS is a living lab of Smart Cities, awarded inside and outside Brazil. Using the university campus as a place of prototyping, test, analyse and replicate solutions for Smart Cities to convert real problems into applicable solutions in an urban context, supported by innovative thinking with commitment with the environment, social responsibility and be replicable in other cities. The program is support by 9 axis: ICT; Urbanization, Education, Energy, Mobility and Security, Health and Quality of Life, Industry and Business, Environment and Governance, using PI System to support all the solutions that are developed. It has been presented at several conferences around the world and has been featured in and outside Brazil for its innovative character, bringing theory to practice to its students. In 2021 was recognised as 1st. IoT Reference Center by MCIT – Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Now we are working in a similar project in India and many other cities.
Regiane Relva Romano - VIP-Systems