Best practices on standardizing PI System data and empowering plant workers to boost OEE at Bayer
Learn how the CropScience Division of Bayer created a global standard to share data with their manufacturing teams, using PI Asset Framework and Event Frames. See how Shiftconnector io.Performance became a driver for standardization while empowering plant workers and OpEx-Engineers to shorten batch cycle times and boost asset performance.

The session will reveal best practices on the technical aspects as well as on how to drive standardization by creating value. The session will feature a live demo of Shiftconnector® io.Performance consuming PI Event Frames to monitor the performance of an active ingredient manufacturing plant. It shows how OEE data is validated by the shift team and contextualized with relevant human knowledge.

The talk shows the value of shared data, visualized performance, and transparent shop floor communication to reveal the entire implications of a problem and drive people to continuous improvement and inspire them to operational excellence.