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DAY 2: Process Industries (Chemicals, Mining and Metals, Paper and Forest Products)

G1, 2nd Floor
Wednesday, September 18, 2019
9:00 AM - 9:15 AM
Welcome to the Digital Transformation in the Process Industries: An ongoing Journey
Welcome by Industry team followed by short commentary by Osvaldo Bascur on Digital Transformation in the Process Industries: An ongoing Journey.

The process industries face many pressures, such as meeting production targets, minimizing costs, and maximizing product quality. In addition, manufacturers must adhere to increasing governmental, safety, and environmental compliance regulations. A data-driven strategy is needed to enable operations, maintenance, and business personnel to quickly and easily take corrective action when abnormal conditions occur. A Digital Plant Template transforms data into operational insights in real-time. It uncovers the hidden, idle and downtime losses. By measuring and managing these unproductive times, people find new ways of avoiding them improving the profitability of the plant.
9:15 AM - 10:00 AM
Liberty Ostrava Automation via PI system
Presentation shows more than 20 years of PI system usage in steel industry. The main part is focused to automation of blast furnace and maintenance processes.
The platform of realisation are :
- interfaces between MES and Process automation levels
- optimisation of material consumption
- prediction of production parameters
- preventive maintenance support
- maintenance plans calculation
The application of PI system brings savings of costs for maintenance, increase reliability of production parameters and increase quality level of final products
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Operational Data enables Industry Transformation (Mondi)
EcoFlex is the name for Mondi Steti’s transformation. The PI System is at the core of this enterprise as we expand to 1.000.000 tonns per year in a growing market in the P&P Industry. With the application of the latest features we are making sure that the new technologies are adopted and that we can tune and stabilize integrated processes in record time. The agility and mobility of production information are part of the new status-quo of our work force. In this presentation we will take a tour through our digital twin operations and experience a day at our mill. With 19 years of experience, the lessons learned and applications built have made one of the biggest P&P Factories in Europe located in a small town one of the most successful. Join us in our journey.
11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
The role of PI System in the machinery efficiency improvement program in JSW S.A.
Monitoring systems of machines and mining equipment are the essential elements of the effective management of the mine, because they affect the safe operation and increase equipment efficiency. We will talk about how the PI System helps us solve problems related to the specificity of machines in the mine such as production processes move with new coal discovery. Therefore, the workplaces appear and disappear and machines like mining equipment, power supply and ventilation have to change location. We will present challenges that we were facing to obtain good quality data with different types of SCADA systems in many localization without unified vision and how we came up with a holistic view of the entire enterprise and publish the results of analysis to the right people at the right time as KPI and OEE. We will also discuss about the automation transfer into ERP system of process and downtimes events.
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
New age of Digital Transformation on Hydro by PI Corporative on Azure Cloud (Norsk Hydro Brasil)
This paper aims to share Hydro' journey's experience with corporative PI implementation by crossing sensible information between Hydro's different PI servers, enabling new initiatives on Azure cloud platform as the basis of a strong digital transformation of the company. Our approach, is to through a Proof of Concept (PoC), to demonstrate that is possible to use several Analytic tools on this environment and to give us a new perspective about new possibilities ahead, in order to take critical business decisions on time, without old technical limitations

The outcomes motivate us to keep improving and accelerate the next required steps. Its intended to map since the company' shopfloor until our clients', and all stakeholders involved on that long journey of new age of industry 4.0.
2:45 PM - 3:30 PM
Process Data Analysis and Visualization at Covestro: The ProDAVis Digitalization Initiative
With the aim of turning buzzwords into tangible impact, Covestro has launched the digitalization initiative ProDAVis (Process Data Analysis and Visualization). ProDAVis seeks to enhance production and process optimization by leveraging years of expert know-how and state-of-the-art digitalization technologies. The initiative is driven by an interdisciplinary group of engineers with expertise in different fields such as process design & simulation, operations, process control, OT/IT, and data science.
Leveraging the synergies derived from the combination of multi-disciplinary knowledge, ProDAVis has implemented a digital process monitoring platform by using the OSIsoft PI System as its core. The platform offers not only dynamic data visualization but also advanced analytics capabilities, which support users during troubleshooting and maintenance activities. This paper is aimed at presenting the main technical insights of the platform and the key lessons learned during its deployment.
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Digital Analytics to reduce variability in production (Mondi)
Realization of predictive process control with advanced analytics techniques.
+ Identify data breaks and enable data accessibility; Define framework / data needs; Refine use cases for machine learning application
+ Validate data; develop predictive model; Validate critical parameters and how to act upon them; Conduct trials on actual process; Define Model Lifecycle Management
+ Industrialize model; Monitor performance; Implement in ways of working; Share experience to other plants
4:15 PM - 4:45 PM
Strategic Implementation of Petuum AI-pilot to Improve Energy Utilization and Yield at CEMEX
CEMEX has continuously implemented technologies and best practices in order to increase energy efficiency and to maximize the capacity of each process and unit operation used in the manufacturing of cement. Continuing with this strategic vision, CEMEX decided to implement Petuum’s AI-pilot in order to obtain operational benefits beyond those achieved with current technologies.

This presentation will show the implementation strategy of the Petuum Industrial AI-pilot to optimize the operations of the main processes such as kilns, ball mills, and vertical mills at multiple plants. After the implementation phase, Petuum AI-pilots are used to continuously operate at peak efficiency, adapting to the ever-changing conditions of the process variables and equipment.

The speakers will provide insight on how the Petuum Industrial AI-pilot products, deployed at different operations, integrate with plant control systems to deliver real-time prescriptions and achieve continuous optimization.
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Advanced Analytics Best Practices Panel
Life after PI - Analytics on top of PI. In this panel we will explore how innovative teams went about extracting and exposing plant data for corporate analytics, models, and machine-learning algorithms. We will discuss the best practices that leading companies use to combine critical operational data with other kinds of information with powerful advanced analytics tools.

Moderator and concluding comments by Osvaldo Bascur, Principal for Academia Industry Innovation.