OSIsoft is making strides in creating more eco-friendly events in EMEA. PI World 2019 is working hard when planning the conference to reduce the impact on the environment and climate. However, a conference of this size always affects the environment due to the amount of people participating in the event. We have implemented many actions to reduce the negative impact on the environment and be socially responsible. We are also encouraging our attendees to act in a sustainable way. 


The City of Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a world leader in sustainable meetings and is the greenest hotel city in the world! The Global Destination Sustainability (GDS) Index compares cities to determine how well they meet a long list of sustainability criteria in four different categories: social, supplier, convention bureau and environmental. The GDS-index was created to help Destinations, Convention Bureaus, Event Planners and Suppliers drive the adoption and recognition of sustainable practices in their city and in the global events industry. For the last three years, Gothenburg scored first place in the GDS, ahead of several well-known conference destinations, with a score of 83 out of a possible 100.
Read about Gothenburg and Sustainability
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The venue – Svenska Mässan

  • The venue is certified according to ISO 20121
  • Energy efficiency, eco-design and waste management are top of mind in all venue operations
  • All attendees have easy access to public transportation
  • Healthy food with vegetarian alternatives for all meals
  • All coffee/tea served at the “fika” breaks (coffee breaks) will be organic and Fairtrade, the sandwiches and sweets served at the fikas has two main ingredients that are organic
  • The venue is providing waste separation bins in the conference area and the waste from other bins will be sorted later at the waste station
  • The venue is providing waste separation bins in the conference area and the waste from other bins will be sorted later at the waste stattion
  • Read about Svenska Mässan and Sustainability here >>



Going Green at PI World: 

Green meetings are based on a sustainability framework which balances environmental, economic and social impacts. 

  • If glassware is not used, recyclable and compostable plates, cups, cutlery and napkins will be used at every meal
  • By using the PI World APP instead of printing materials, we save 90 kilograms of carbon emissions
  • By eliminating plastic bottles, we save 12,000 bottles worth of plastic
  • We work with donation programs for any extra giveaways, toiletries and snacks.
  • Our social evenings are walking distance, including the offsite FUSION!
  • Conference backpacks are chosen with a sustainable thought, they are functional and can take you from work to weekend
  • Conference badges can be dropped into the marked bin at the end of the event to be recycled for 2020


Offsite Venue: Liseberg

  • All suppliers must have the relevant sustainability requirements
  • Liseberg contributes to the city while running a sustainable enterprise
  • The electricity used at the park is 100% renewable and comes from wind power. The park also owns a wind turbine which provides around 5% of it's total electricity. 
  • Liseberg is the first park in the world to invest in technology that allows it to recover energy from the rides. The energy created from the LOKE ide is fed back into the grid and is used to drive other attractions. 
  • With the 2,000 tons of waste generated each year, they recycle into 60 different types of waste. 
  • Liseberg participates in the cities Tage system, a tool for reusing furniture and other items. 
  • Liseberg was chosen considering the environment from a food perspective as well.
    • MSC certified fish and using locally produced products if possible
    • Locally produced food, and meats coming from Swedish farms.


Taking the initiative:

  • There are excellent bus shuttles from Göteborg Landvetter Airport stopping just outside the venue. The bus stop is called “Korsvägen”, find more info here >>
  • Donate any extra freebees in marked bins
  • Place all disposables in the correct recycling, composting and waste bins.
  • Tap water stations will be available throughout the venue. Use your new PI World bottles and fill them up with tap water.
  • In Gothenburg, we walk! The venue is located in the city center, all hotels and social venues are located by walking distance from each other – walk and explore the city, use the public transportations or the city bikes instead of taking taxis. Read more here >>
  • If you have any questions or suggestions about sustainability at PI World, email us: piworldemea@osisoft.com