The Hilton Union Square is in the very heart of the Downtown San Francisco. Situated near Union Square, the hotel has easy access to various forms of public transportation, including BART. The hotel is also next door to our two hotels that will host sessions this year, the Parc 55 and Hotel Nikko.


There are three major airports in the San Franciso Bay Area: the San Francisco Airport (SFO), Oakland Airport (OAK) and San Jose Airport (SJC), all of which service domestic and international flights.
San Francisco International Airport | Distance from Hotel: 14 miles | Drive Time: 30 min.
Typical minimum charges from SFO to Hilton Union Square:
Super Shuttle - $17.00 USD
Subway/Rail - $5.65 USD
Taxi - $41.00 USD

Oakland International Airport | Distance from Hotel: 20 miles | Drive Time: 40 min
Typical minimum charges from OAK
 to Hilton Union Square:
Super Shuttle - $27.00 USD
Subway/Rail - $5.65 USD
Taxi - $60.00 USD

San Jose International Airport | Distance from Hotel: 46 miles | Drive Time: 1 hour
Typical minimum charges from SJC
 to Hilton Union Square:
Subway/Rail - $6.75 USD
Taxi - $150.00 USD


BART direct service from SFO and OAK airports is the fast, easy and low-cost ride to the conference. It does not service from San Jose Airport.
BART SFO/OAK One Way - $8.95/$10.20
SuperShuttle SFO/OAK One Way - $17.00/$57.00 
Uber/Lyft SFO/OAK One Way - $30.00/$34.00

We also encourage local attendees to take BART to the conference!

Purchasing BART Tickets in Advance 
If you’re flying into SFO Airport, it’s easy to get a round-trip (RT) SFO to San Francisco transfer. Just click here and buy a RT transfer voucher for only $20.00. Then print the voucher and exchange it at SFO for your BART ticket. When you have your ticket, go to the station and board the train to Powell St. Station. 

From OAK Airport, go to the new BART station across from Terminal 1 and board the train to the Coliseum station. When you arrive there, get a $20.40 RT San Francisco ticket. Then exit at the fare gate and walk down to the main train platform. Proceed to the right side of the platform and take any San Francisco bound train to the Powell St. Station (1 ½ blocks away from hotel). The total trip downtown takes 30-40 minutes. The ticket has enough value for your ride back to OAK.

Local Residents - Go here and check the BART Quickplanner to get train times from your station to Powell St.


Due to the Hilton Union Square's busy location, we encourage local attendees to take public transportation to the conference. If you must drive, below are some nearby parking garages and fees:

  • Hilton - Valet parking: $76 per day / Self-parking: $63 per day
  • Parc 55 - Valet parking: $76 per day (no self-parking available)
  • Mason O'Farrell Garage: $35 per day
  • Ellis-O'Farrell Parking Garage: $34 per day


If you need an invitation letter to PI World to obtain a visa, email and include a copy of your passport page, and the following information: 

Full Name (as listed on passport):
Passport Number:
Passport Issue Date and Place:
Passport Expiration Date:
Date of Birth:
Company and Job Title:
Travel Dates (Arrival & Departure):

Passports and Visas:

To enter the United States of America, a passport valid for the duration of stay is required by all nationals referred to in the chart above, except (1) EU nationals holding a valid national ID card. Visitors traveling to the U.S. are required to be in possession of passports that are valid for six months beyond the period of their intended stay in the U.S. See list of countries exempt from the six month requirement.

Please refer to your local country embassy for information on visas for the United States.